Lead note: Bischofszell Food Ltd, Factory Obermeilen commits itself to reaching its economical targets while observing the laws of environmental protection.

We treat natural resources with care, particularly when using materials and energy. In order to achieve this, processes, involving environmental effects, get analyzed and improved. Waste generation shall progressively get reduced with the help of suitable technologies. Non-recyclable wastes shall be carefully disposed of in an ecological manner.


We have been a member of the "Energy-Model-Group Zuerichsee", of the "Energy-Agency" and of the "Economy EnAW" since its foundation in 1997. Our goal is to improve our energy efficiency by at least 1.5% annually, on the one hand, due to environmental concerns and to reduce costs on the other hand. Energy is a weighty cost factor. It therefore pays to identify "energy-eaters", and to then target and rehabilitate or eliminate them.  


Reduction of the CO2-Emission
We strive to constantly reduce our CO2 emissions. The packet of measures include approximately 35 conversion and rehabilitation deals in the fields of infrastructure and process optimizing, e.g. new isolations in the steam network, elimination of superfluous steam pipes, reduction of steam pressure under consideration of the processes, use of a new dual-fuel burner (gas/oil).


Biological wastes
Organic production wastes (biological wastes) that we cannot further use for various reasons, are not simply thrown away, rather, they are disposed of professionally. These biological wastes are picked up and processed by a professional company. To put it simple: Throughout fermentation, biological gases are produced. It is ecologically worthwhile, where possible, to upgrade biological gas to natural gas quality, to feed it into the network and to offer it as fuel for vehicles at petrol stations.  


Energy Agency for the Economy