1918Foundation of Swiss Drinks Ltd. in Maennedorf
Processing of fruits and manufacturing of carbonated lemonades, table beverages, lemon peel distillates, essences, fruit juices and syrups
1931Move to Obermeilen
1940Concentration on the manufacturing of beverage intermediate products, distillates, flavours, syrups as well as fruit bases
1950Pioneer in the development and manufacturing of fruit bases for yoghurts
1956 / 1962 Passing on of know-how on the manufacturing of bases to Germany (DSF, Constance) and France (SIAS, Paris)
1990New construction of cold and deep-freezer storages, forwarding department and offices
1994Certification ISO 9001 for fruit preparations and flavours
2003Initial operation of new filling center
2003Certification ISO 9001:200
2005Certification: BRC British Retail Consortium by SQS for flavours, fruit preparations and concentrated juices
2006Promena AG: new distribution and marketing partner for Obermeilen Topping, Obermeilen Syrup and Cusenier Syrup within Switzerland
2007New management: after 25 years as managing director, Urs E. Dietschi is superseded by Bruno Witschi as new CEO
2009Cessation of production of syrups in glass bottles
2010Takeover of Hero industry bakery jam business
2012Hero is the new distribution and marketing partner for Obermeilen Topping